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The growing electric vehicles market is expected to drive the tyre market in the coming years. Governments, globally, is incentivising the use of electric vehicles by the implementation of stricter emission laws and providing subsidies to both the manufacturers and consumers. By 2030, electric vehicles are expected to account for 15-30% of the total vehicle sales. Their penetration rate in China is expected to be higher due to the New Energy Vehicle (NEV) mandate announced by the government in 2018. According to the scheme, the country aims to sell a minimum of 4.6 million electric vehicles by 2020. The mandate also plans to phase out and eventually, ban cars with traditional internal combustion engines. Major players in the tyre industry like Hankook and Goodyear are taking note of this trend towards e-vehicles and are launching products to combat the faster wear of tyres in e-vehicles because of their high-torque accelerations.

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