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Infection rates are soaring, and the vaccination campaign has been very slow with less than 8% of the population fully jabbed. Rights organisations have accused the government of mismanaging the crisis, and on Tuesday the health minister was sacked.

In recent days, Tunisia's national telecoms agency has offered 1GB of free internet for those who follow a mobile text prompt to register for a vaccine. At least one known pizza place in Tunis offered a 10% discount if customers showed proof of vaccine registration.

The situation could turn a corner next month after Tunisia received donations of vaccines, oxygen tanks and other medical supplies from European and Arabic countries, with several countries pledging to deliver more aid.

Mexico - People tire of the crisis
By Marcos González Díaz, BBC Mundo correspondent

Mexico is facing its third wave of the pandemic. The number of infections has risen to more than 15,000 a day, reaching the peak we saw at the beginning of the year. pg168

Authorities are concerned about the advance of the Delta variant, which in the capital Mexico City already accounts for around 60% of cases.

The government admitted that the spread of this variant in Mexico and the US is the reason they have extended the closure of the land border between the two countries to non-essential travel.

Most of those affected in Mexico are young and unvaccinated people. Only one in four over 18 year-olds in the country are fully vaccinated.

The Mexican villages refusing to vaccinate
But with 65% of beds available, hospitals do not show for now the collapse seen in the worst moments of the pandemic.

In the streets, the feeling is almost of apparent normality among a population exhausted by this crisis. Many of them must leave home daily to work selling food or in other informal jobs, in order to earn the money they need to survive.

This is why the government does not plan to increase restrictive measures or shut down economic activities once again, despite the risk of Delta.
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